Back at It

So I fell off the wagon and got back up to 286.

I am choosing to forgive myself and continue on!

It’s a lot harder now. I feel the temptation worse than I did to begin with. But I do see more aware of that God is here helping me. I know I can’t say “I don’t have it in me” because with God I always have “it” in me. I need to let him take more control of my life. And I need to realize how much damage I have done.

I just read about soft drinks well diet soft drinks and more on how bad they are for you. What the particular article said that the drink does to you, well, everything I have. So it’s like I drink this Diet Coke for years and years and years and didn’t realize what I was doing to myself. It’s horrible. I talked to the nurse at work. She said it would be better to drink a regular soft drink if I have to have one. So I think that’s what I’m going to do if I feel I need a soda.

So I’m going to try to start writing more again. This is Grandma Lilley’s Weight Journey Part Two. I need to try to make this the last part. I have to start stop damaging myself. If you’re reading this, I don’t know about that. But if you’re reading it please pray for me. I realize that God is the only way to get this weight off and get my operation and get well again.

Thanks for listening!


08/03/2017: Day 84

School is back. Well, the kids don’t come in until later. But we are back working.

Weight is going well. I’m down to 285.5 so I’ve lost 29 1/2 pounds.

07/16/2017: Day 66

Church meal of basically a taco bar which wasn’t bad for me. But they have desserts!!!! It’s ok. Truthfully, I’m not aching any more when I see tons of desserts and everyone is eating but me. I think Jesus is really helping me overcome my food addiction. God is good!

On the weight side, I was down to 293.1 pounds which means I’ve lost 21.9 pounds in these 66 days! Woot! Woot!

06/02/2017: Day 21

So it’s national donut day. That happens the first Friday of every June. I’ve got it marked in my calendar from years past and for years in the future.

So Krispy Kreme is giving out free donuts today and I know that Mike loves his donuts. So I told him that he should go and get our his free doughnut and my free doughnut. Then he could eat them both.

You can see from the picture that he ate his.

07/07/2017: Day 57

Wow! I’m sitting here at the Cancer Center with my herceptin going through my veins and I’m so happy I could bust! They just told me I only have one more treatment! 3 weeks and all of my chemo will be done! Can you believe it?

AND according to their scales here, I’ve had a significant weight change of 7%!!!! That was big enough that they had to lower the dosage of the chemo I’m getting! 

Let us sing: God is so good! He’s so good to me!

My scales this morning showed 296.2 or a 18.8 pounds down in 57 days!

Thanks to Jesus for all of your blessings! I’m so excited!

07/03/2017: Day 53


It’s Day 53 and I am down to 297.6 meaning I’ve lost 17.4 pounds! (315-297.6) I am proud of me. Thank you, Jesus, for your help and guidance.

The aqua therapy that the insurance will pay for is done. It went well (I want to say “good” but the grammar┬ápolice changed it. LOL!).

We went to the Hersheys to use their pool. My back hurt the entire time. Mike thinks it wasn’t deep enough. We are going to check his mom’s pool out tomorrow.

Thanks for praying. Keep it up… 97.6 pounds left to lose!