07/15/2017: Day 65


I haven’t written in awhile but things are going great! I still haven’t cheated. Life is pretty good!


05/20/2017: Day 8

Today was cool! My sister had a car show today for my medical expenses. The turnout was great! She’s a pretty neat sister to do all of that for me.

Grandma’s Weight Journey hit the bump (or temptation) at the end of the show. There were left over Little Debbie cakes and Reese’s products. I was asked first if I wanted them. I said no but then I whined or should I say groaned as I saw the boxes of goodies leaving with other people. Oh wow! I so wanted to eat a few boxes… Not exaggerating… But God was there and I resisted… That’s good, right?


WEIGHT: 312.3 (315-312.3=2.2 DOWN)

05/19/2017: Day 7

Today’s weight journey took me to being in yearbook’s class as they had food… Pizza Hut pizza, Martin’s BBQ Chips, cookies and worst of all snack mix! Snack mix is probably my favorite thing ever… I was in the same room with this food for 3 long hours because it was exam time. Several people asked to fix me food. Everyone is so nice!

But I kept praying and thanks be to God, I resisted the temptation and didn’t eat anything!!!!!

It was so hard… snack mix…


WEIGHT: 313.2 (315-313.2=1.8 DOWN)

05/18/2017: Day 6

We went to Mike’s school tonight to a school thing for Mike. And we had to pass by Dairy Queen. We didn’t stop or anything. But I tell you, it hurt my soul; it hurt my head. I just wanted to stop and get a Blizzard. It was pure and simple just a habit then I’m used to being in. When we come out here, we always get something to eat on the way home…


and I wanted something to eat…


All I knew was that Dairy Queen was there and so I’m suppose to get a Blizzard…


…but I really didn’t want anything to eat…


My memories just thought I wanted something to eat…


So, I cried and prayed I got through it. With God, it was handled!


WEIGHT: 314.7 (315-314.7=0.3 DOWN)


I’m 54, married to the world’s best husband (Mike) for 34 years with two twenty-something sons! Mike & I are both school teachers.

I was recently (July 2016) diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer. Plus, I have a degenerative bone disease that has taken out my right hip so that walking hurts. I need a total hip replacement but am not allowed until I lose 115 pounds! They say I need a gastric bypass surgery but my insurance won’t cover it. So it looks like I have to do this the old fashion way. I’m thinking a blog may help me be accountable.

This blog is a way to get me through this weight loss journey I am now taking with the help of Jesus. I hope to write a little each day. I’m calling it “Grandma Lilley’s Weight Loss Journey.” Why you ask? There are several reasons…

1. The reason for this journey is that I have to lose 115 pounds! Besides cancer, I have a degenerative bone disease that has wiped out my right hip. That’s why I’m in pain. They say I need a total hip replacement but am ineligible until I lose 115 pounds. I can’t do a weight loss surgery because our insurance doesn’t cover it. Sounds like I’m headed on a journey, right?

2. “Grandma” because I just want to be able to really play with Noah

3. “Weight Journey” because I have to keep 115 pounds! This will let me get my feelings out.

4. “Weight” is like “wait.” I’m going to have to be patient and wait a lot to get through this.

If you are reading this, I need you to pray for me. I can’t do this on my own. God is so there got me but God I want your prayers! Thank you! Let’s get started…

05/17/2017: Day 5

I used the rollator tonight to walk around the yard. I was up for like 15 minutes and about 600 steps. Did you know a rollator is what they call a walker? We got one so I can be more steady in the yard. It seemed to work well. I was able to sit when I needed. Exercise is starting!